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What We’re Playing Now – Hearthstone What We’re Playing Now – Hearthstone

I’m not ashamed to admit I gave up several years of my life to World of Warcraft, so it was with no small bit of anticipation that I looked forward to¬†Hearthstone. This is Blizzard’s massive foray into the card battle game genre, and based on the early results from the beta, it is a huge success.

Here’s the kicker–I intentionally waited to play the game until it was available for the iPad, which happened this week. I figured if ever a Blizzard game was destined for the tablet, this was it. Plus, I’ve been a little busy these days with Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, but that’s another story…

Just a few days into Hearthstone, and I’m amazed. This game is highly accessible, meaning that just about anyone can pick it up and play. It’s set in the well-established Warcraft universe, meaning that fans of the series will instantly recognize many of the heroes, characters and monsters in the game. But you don’t need to be a Warcraft nerd to instantly play–and enjoy–the game.

I think what stands out immediately for me is the humor. Blizzard has been known to use humor in its game, notably in the Warcraft series, but they seem to have taken it to a whole other level with Hearthstone. The tutorials, gameplay and even the UI are filled with jokes, and they make the game even more enjoyable to play. So far, this has been a very tough one to put down!

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