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The Best Optimization Settings for uTorrent The Best Optimization Settings for uTorrent

uTorrent is the most popular BitTorrent client in the world today. This program comes with a great variety of features and smart resource usage that enables one to enjoy faster downloads at a good speed. While the standard configured settings for uTorrent allow you to easily download and share all types of files, there are some settings that can be optimized to increase download speed and decrease system load — this makes for a better overall experience for you.

On uTorrent there are several secret tips and tricks that most people don’t know about. These can be used to improve the performance of the application.

Go with an Ethernet Connection

One of the best optimization settings for uTorrent is to use your uTorrent program with an Ethernet internet cable connection. Most WiFi connections have limited bandwidth and they can slow you down whe you are downloading large files over the uTorrent protocol. Most public and Institutions WiFi hotspots have a strong firewall that limits download-speeds and upload-speeds for file sharing protocols. The best way to bypass this block is to use a VPN connection that unlocks all the limits and let you take full control over your downloads with uTorrent.

How to solve download problems on uTorrent

The most biggest problem that most users experience when downloading files with uTorrent is high HDD or CPU usage that makes the computer sometimes hang and become unusable. This problem affects all protocol file sharing and downloading programs, but fortunately for uTorrent users there is a solution for it.

One of the best optimization settings for uTorrent that helps to solve this issue is the limitation of bandwidth. If you are using your laptop to download files and you have noticed that there is an unusual HDD usage, consider limiting the upload-speed bandwidth, the total number of upload-slots per torrent file and the total number of active seeding torrents.

The slowing of HDD performance occurs when the CPU struggles to compute overwhelming numbers of random write/read operations. Depending on your CPU clock speed, your computer is affected more as you increase torrent files on your uTorrent protocol.

Adjust Bandwidth settings for better performance

If your uTorrent has some performance issues, consider changing the bandwidth settings. Locate the Bandwidth settings tab on the top left comer of your screen. Test your upload and download speed using a free online speed test tool. For the best download speeds on all your torrent files, input a higher upload value than the maximum download speed. Set the maximum-allowed download speed to “0” to make the download speed “Unlimited”. Input or Set the maximum-allowed upload speed to a higher value that can be easily handled by your computer. These are the best optimization settings for uTorrent that you can customize for a better performance.

uTorrent Bandwidth Preferences

Configure all Queuing-settings in the preference menu

To limit and improve your CPU performance when downloading torrents, customize the queuing settings found in the left-panel of your uTorrent program. Click on “Queuing” option, put any value of your choice for the number of torrent files allowed; if you use torrent frequently to download files, set a high value. Change the seed boxes to 100 percent and about 0 minutes. This options ensures that your uTorrent program seeds a number of enough torrent files that will keep your torrent or file download speed fully optimized. Once you change the above settings, you will improve your download speeds and reduce CPU usage when using uTorrent.

uTorrent Preferences - Queueing

Optimize and configure your BitTorrent settings using the preference menu

To allow your uTorrent to be always connected with the internet everytime there is a network, consider changing the BitTorrent connection-settings. In the left-panel of your uTorrent program click on the “BitTorrent” setting option. Once the menu box pops up on your screen, check all boxes except the one that states “Limit-Local-Peer-Bandwisth”. Check the “Enabled” box for the any option that reads “Outgoing-Protocol-Encryption” . Once you customize the above settings, your uTorrent program will always run at it’s full download speed everytime you connect to an internet network.

How to Troubleshoot your Internet connection

If you have just downloaded your uTorrent program and istalled it on your PC, you may experience some difficulties trying to connect to the internet. By default your windows firewall or antivirus firewall is set to block all internet protocols that connect with your computer. Open your antivirus firewall and enable uTorrent connection by ticking or checking on the option that sates “I trust this connection”. Once you have enable this, your uttorent program will run by still cannot download torrent files since it was blocked by your firewall upon installation. Close down your uTorrent and run it again, on the left panel of its menu locate the “connection” tab and click on it. In the connection settings tab, change the incoming port to “443” and then tick on the 2 boxes labled enable UPnP port-mapping, and the other one that’s labled “Enable NAT-PMP port-mapping”. Leave any other boxes unchecked and click on ok to save your new changes.

How to solve TCP congestion on your uTorrent program

If you are using a router, port forwading options should help you ease TCP congestion on your program. Depending on your router-model use this setting. Locate the “Connection” tab on your uTorrent menu and click on it. Ensure that “randomize each port at start” option is not enabled and put any port that you want to use and enable it for UDP and TCP forwading connections. Use a maximum ports settings of 500 and UTP/TCP timeout of 100 seconds for the best performance of your uTorrent.

uTorrent Preferences - Connection

Apply all settings that you have made on your uTorrent program

After you are done with changing and configuring all uTorrent settings, click on the apply all button to save all your changes. If you want to enjoy good download speeds, remember to seed as many torrent files as your computer can handle, since seeded files are the biggest influencer factors that increase your download speeds.

If you follow the above steps on how to configure best optimization settings for uTorrent, you will find it very easy to use your torrent program and get the most performance possible from it.

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