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Killer Tips and Tricks for uTorrent Killer Tips and Tricks for uTorrent

Downloading files online with a torrent client is quite easy. uTorrent (download) is one of the most popular torrent client for downloading files. Unfortunately, a bad configuration and other reasons can have a major impact on download speeds, even when you are downloading a file with numerous seeds. Many people wonder how to make uTorrent faster. In this article, which is focused on the Windows version of the uTorrent client, we have collected  some killer tips to increase the speed.

Simple Tips to Increase Download Speed on uTorrent

The first step is to open uTorrent and click on the ‘Options’ menu. You need to select ‘Preferences’. Go to ‘Connection > Listening Port’ and clear the value in text box next to ‘Port Used For Incoming Connections’. Next, you should type ‘45682’ into that box.

It is important to make sure the ‘Add Windows Firewall Exception’, ‘Enable NAP – PMP Port Mapping’ and ‘Enable UPnP Port Mapping’ checkboxes are ticked. The next step is to open the ‘Proxy Server’ section and click on drop menu to ‘Type’. You need to select the option ‘None’.

uTorrent Preferences Dialog

Use these settings for uTorrent in the Preferences Dialog (CTRL+P)

What are Ports?

In order to increase speed, you need to have a better understanding of ports. In simple terms, a port is a communication end-point. It allows a specific application, service or software to identify itself. The IP address, port number and transport protocol identify particular ports. This allows users from around the world to find and access a port quickly.

Ports are able to increase an application’s performance. They connect multiple users to the same network. This allows the users to bypass several other internet protocols, which slows down the connection. It’s worth mentioning that most ports are dynamic to be used by anyone. However, there are various popular ports that are reserved for specific applications or services.

How Can I Make uTorrent Faster?

It is easy to make your uTorrent client operate faster, although you’re ultimately limited by a few factors, such as your Internet bandwidth and speed. In order to optimize your uploading and downloading speeds, you can take a few simple steps. You just need to follow the instructions listed below.

Open your uTorrent client. You need to click on ‘Options’ tab and select ‘Preferences’.

Select ‘Connections’ tab and enter ‘45682’. This needs to be typed in ‘Port Used For Incoming Connections’.

Set your Global Upload Rate Limiting to ’65’ for the Maximum upload rate. Your Global Maximum Download Rate should be set to ‘0’ for unlimited.

uTorrent Bandwidth Preferences

The next step is to open the uTorrent tab and type ‘1890’ in the ‘Global Maximum Number of Connections’. You also need to type ‘2329’ in ‘Maximum Number of Connected Peers Per Torrent’. The number ’14’ needs to be typed in ‘Number Of Upload Slots Per Torrent’. You need to be sure to check every box on the screen. The Outgoing Protocol Encryption should be set to ‘Enabled’.

You need to click on ‘Queueing’ tab and type ’60’ in the box ‘Number of Active Torrents’. In the box ‘Number of Active Downloads’, you should type ’63’. You need to make sure ‘Seed Ratio’ is set to 100%. Every box on this screen should be unchecked.

Click on ‘Apply’ at the bottom of this window.

Once you’ve made all these changes, you need to restart the uTorrent application.

With these simple tips, you can increase the speed of your torrents. However, there may also be some other issues regarding uTorrent downloads. You can also take the steps discussed below to further increase uTorrent’s speed and reliability.

Stick with Healthy Peers and Seeds

A peer is simply another computer participating in the upload and download of a torrent file on the Internet. A seed is any computer with the complete copy of the file shared across the huge torrent network. A leech is the computer that does not have the complete file, but has joined the torrent network to download the file. Once the leecher’s download is complete, and the file is shared across the network, the leecher becomes a seeder.

As far as high torrent speed is concerned, you need to consider some numbers displayed about the torrent you’re downloading. If the number of seeders are greater, it leads to better speed. According to experts, you should choose torrent files with a high number of seeders. The number of leechers should not be too high.

Limit the Upload Rate

It is worth mentioning that a peer to peer network is about sharing and it helps the overall network if your computer is available as a seed to upload torrents. However, your upload rate, especially if its unlimited, has a major impact on your download rate. With some speed tests available on the Internet, you can find your overall upload speed. This allows you to set the client’s upload rate to 80% of the optimum upload speed.

Bandwidth speed test

In addition to using this guideline, you can experiment with various upload speeds. Initially, it should be kept high and then gradually, you can try bringing it down towards the download rate’s middle point.

Increase the Number of Max Half Open TCP Connections

In simple terms, this figure specifies the number of connections uTorrent application should try to establish simultaneously at a given point of time. The latest Windows versions limit this number to 10 by default. This acts as a barrier against harmful virus multiplication. However, this can affect torrent speed. It’s worth mentioning that torrents also need a good number of simultaneous connections.

For a while, a resolution has been available from LvLord. This modifies the TCPIP.sysfile in your operating system to allow a good number of TCP connections. Once you have run this resolution, you need to set the specific number of connections in the torrent client. For instance, you need to open uTorrent, click on ‘Options > Preferences > Advanced > net.max_halfopen’.

You can choose any number between 50 and 100. However, you need to make sure ‘net.max_halfopen’ is lower than the TCPIP.sys file value. You should always check if the file is patched since Windows updates may overwrite it. You need to make sure all these settings remain the same.

Additional Tips and Tricks

It is important to understand that most torrent clients allow you to video individual files during a download. This allows you to selectively disable certain downloads.

You should familiarize yourself with personalized settings of uTorrent. There are a lot of simple tweaks and changes you can make to improve both performance and your overall experience with the client.

It is worth mentioning that increasing the speed of uTorrent downloads is a trial and error method. Thus, it may take some time before your speed increases.

In addition to all these tips, you should also keep your system upgraded with latest updates from Windows. The overall performance of your computer can have a major impact on the speed of downloads. If you’re unable to increase the speed, it’s better to consult a professional and get your system checked. It can prove to be beneficial.


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