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I Want One I Want One

I Want One

toys January 26, 2014 beanstalk 0

We’re a Mac shop here at Beanstalk Labs and have been happily using Apple products since as long as we can collectively remember. What I’m really looking forward to getting now is the new Mac Pro “cylinder” desktop. It really is a thing of beauty. Certainly not the most practical or cost-effective purchases out there, but it completely changes the look of computing. And to think, I used to have a beige box for a computer all those years ago.

My current Mac Pro is an aging machine, purchased in 2006 and lovingly upgraded over the years with updated video cards, flash drives, and as much RAM as I could stuff in it. Time to hand that over to the kids, who will use it for their favorite online games like Poptropica and Minecraft. For me, though, it’s time to upgrade to something new. Looking forward to it for sure!

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